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2023 Goals: Weight-Neutral Dietetics That Get Results

As the year comes to a close, I reflect on my gratitude for everything I have learned, and continue to learn, in my profession. My work in nutrition has helped provide kids in my county with nutritious meals and child-serving organizations with critical resources. It has given individuals with inflammatory bowel diseases access to evidence-based information to help them better manage their condition. It has guided wellness-minded readers to make educated, empowered decisions about nutrition and health.

In the new year, I am prioritizing travel to gain more exposure to different cultural cuisines, dietary patterns, and food traditions. I also plan to build on my abilities and knowledge base while operating from a weight-neutral lens. I want to be someone who can educate and counsel by focusing on improving the quality and variety of foods and nutrients in the diet, encouraging curiosity around food and eating, and dismantling the pervasive diet culture myths that lead so many towards disordered eating and unnecessarily restrictive regimens.

This is a goal I know I cannot accomplish alone. It is through connection and partnerships with mentors and allies that my skills will get sharpened and my education and writing reach the people who benefit from it the most. As the field of nutrition continues to evolve with new research for best practices, I hope to find my dietetics/public health, integrative and functional nutrition/corporate wellness tribe, who believe in me as I continue learning and whose shared expertise gets the important work done- weight-neutral dietetics that gets meaningful results in people’s lives.

A huge thanks to those who have contributed to my nutrition journey thus far. I look forward to continuing my valued partnerships as well as where new opportunities lead. Wishing you a happy, healthy holiday season and exciting chapters in 2023!

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