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Before I was a dietitian, I was a ballet dancer who was brought up around diet culture. The message was that healthy eating was all about eating "clean", defined by what wasn't allowed (too many calories, too many carbs, too much fat), and that people who avoided dessert or this or that were "being good". 

Sadly, this harmful mentality affects millions of women worldwide, and often negatively impacts their physical and mental health throughout their lives.


Thankfully, my journey led me to dietetics, where I got the right information to help women lead healthy lives AND gained expertise in nutrition therapy for chronic conditions like GI disorders. Through writing and consulting, I realized how many more people I could reach with empowering, scientifically-backed nutrition messaging.


I am passionate about women's health and GI nutrition education through a weight-neutral, mindfulness-based, and culturally diverse lens and eager to partner with worthy companies and organizations who share these values.

Learn more about my nutrition philosophy and credentials below:

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