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As someone who spent fifteen years in the world of ballet, I believed that healthy eating was very rigid, revolved around weight, and that dietitians were the food police who demanded you eat "perfectly" for good health.


However, I eventually realized that not only were these beliefs far from accurate, they were part of a diet culture mentality which hurts people on a daily basis.


It became my mission to become properly educated on the nutrition guidance to help people manage their health conditions while promoting a healthy relationship with food. This passion led me to becoming a practicing Registered Dietitian, helping patients from pediatrics to seniors take control of their health and well-being through balanced nutrition.


I realized I could empower many more people with my knowledge through nutrition writing and consulting. My focus is on women's health and GI nutrition, as these are two populations who are often targeted with diet culture BS and nutrition misinformation and deserve evidence-based and compassionate education and resources.


Learn how I can help your brand with my nutrition expertise by clicking the button below!

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