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I use my nutrition knowledge for two writing-based services: articles and product reviews. Each is available for web or print.

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Articles break down the current scientific literature into nutrition information the public will understand and trust. They *may* have a clickbaity headline that draws you in, but they're packed with evidence-based references AND include actionable steps you can take to live a healthier life!

I guarantee that every article I write is crafted through at least six hours of scholarly research, editing, and organization to provide the credible, tangible, and engaging piece your readers deserve.

My article work falls into four categories, including:


Culturally Relevant Nutrition: There are so many delicious and nutrient-dense foods from cultures around the world. I take pride in educating myself and my clients on cultural foods and food traditions to expand the definition of how we view healthy eating.


Nutrition as Wellness:  How we nourish ourselves has an enormous impact on our physical and mental well-being. My work focuses on the nutrients, dietary patterns, and self-care practices that promote optimal health.

Dismantling Diet Culture: The highly profitable diet industry has done so much damage by convincing the public that fad diets (especially ones that promote rapid weight loss) are necessary for improving health. The evidence shows, time and time again, that not only do these diets NOT work, they often lead to worse health outcomes like inflammation, disordered eating, and poor mental health. I am here to show you how you can choose nutrient-dense foods while keeping a happy relationship to food AND rejecting the diet culture BS!

Nutrition for Chronic Diseases:  Due to my work as a consultant for an Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) Nutrition private practice, most of my articles in this category are focused on gastrointestinal nutrition and gut health. However, I have also contributed pieces on pre-diabetes nutrition, nutrition for cardiovascular health, and nutrition for adrenal health (coming soon!).

Food Blogger


Product reviews are detailed, personalized pieces of writing about products or services that I personally endorse. They are a great opportunity for brands and organizations to enhance their nutrition credibility and expand their audience.

SDNutritionWriter looks for products to review which champion one or more of the following:


  • Nutrition as a means of wellness


  • Advocating a healthy relationship with food

  • Culturally expansive nutrition


  • Plant-based eating


  • Sustainable food practices

Interested in a product review for your brand, company, or service? Click the button below to contact me:

Looking for a nutrition writer? Please visit the Articles tab to view my published work to date, and click the button below to contact me. 

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