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Food Blogger



Articles break down the current scientific literature into nutrition information the public will understand and trust.


They *may* have a clickbaity headline that draws you in, but they're packed with evidence-based references AND include actionable steps you can take to live a healthier life!

I guarantee that every article I write is crafted through at least six hours of scholarly research, editing, and organization to provide the credible, tangible, and engaging piece your readers deserve.

 Click the button below to view my published work to-date:

Product reviews are a great opportunity for brands and organizations to enhance their nutrition credibility and expand their audience.

I am open to reviewing the following which have scientific backing to promote women's and/or GI health:

  • Food products 

  • Nutritional supplements

  • Health services

  • Cookbooks

  • Educational nutrition guides

  • Social media pages

Interested in a product review for your brand? Click the button below to contact me:

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